10 Tips for Keeping A Successful Company Blog

A company blog is a great way to maintain business. Here's 10 tips on how to keep a successful blog!

2014-10-28 13.49.30In the day of social media and connecting to people online, a company blog is always an asset to your home inspection business. It’s a great platform to educate and inform your readers. You can also keep dialog going among like-minded business people. Here are 10 tips on how to keep a successful company blog:

1. Make your posts relevant to your home inspection business: People will find your posts interesting as they do the type of business you run. Make your posts relevant to the services you offer clients.

2. Keep your blog posts short and sweet: Keep in mind that your blog visitors are typically reading your posts from their phones or pads. As sure as your posts are relevant,  if they are too long, people may not read them. Keeping them short and sweet keeps your readers coming back.

3. Update your blog often: Your blog visitors will become more dedicated to your blog if they find that you are keeping it updated. Try to posts at least two to three times a month to keep readers engaged.

4. Have a section for comments on your blog: It’s always good to allow dialog between your readers and even you! Make sure to add a comment section to your blog and readers will surprise you with how much they actually engage about your blog posts.

5. Advertise on your blog: Allowing advertisements on your company blog is a smart way to attract other business. Advertisers also have the option of paying your business to advert and this brings in extra revenue.

6. Include other websites and blog links on your blog: As a way to generate traffic on your blog, it’s very smart and strategic to include other similar websites and blog links. These links can be very helpful to your clients.

7. Keep your design unique, yet simple: A blog’s design is meant to be special and one of a kind. From the colors to the text, it’s important to have a special identity for your company’s blog. However,  complicated designs can draw visitors away as well as too many words on your blog.

8. Have different voices to contribute: Your blog visitors will appreciate seeing different writers for different posts. This will show that there are a variety of opinions and insights for a variety of topics.

9. Keep your blog in order: Make sure you maintain the look of your blog as well as keep things carefully monitored internally. It’s a part of your brand so it’s your company’s priority to keep the blog intact.

10. Make your blog easy to access: Offer your link on your company’s website and on your business cards. If you want visitors,  you must make your blog accessible.

Blogs are new age but with great benefits to your home inspection company. If you haven’t stated a company blog, get started! There are several free platforms that can help you create and maintain your company’s blog. Happy blogging!

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