2 Ways of Doing a Multifamily Home Inspection Report on the Tap Inspect App

Multi Family Property

After you have been doing inspections for a while, everyone eventually gets called to do some kind of multi family property report. These kinds of reports a really similar to what we do every day but different enough that I get a lot of questions about how to use our system to make these a little easier to generate.

When you first look at a multi family property it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out how to build the report. I mean you have all these bathrooms, kitchens, electrical panels … At first glance it is a typical inspection multiplied by the the number of units the property has. But if you look a little closer … it is really much simpler.

The first key to doing a multifamily report is to understand it is really just one building. It has a single site, a single exterior, a single roof, and a single structure. It is really no different than a typical single family home.

I actually use the same sections that are in my Home Inspection template. You may need to add a few more comments but the sections, items and options should be fine help you describe and identify all the common elements of the property.

The second key is to understand that each unit is probably quite similar to all the other units in the property. I create a new section named Unit #1 and try to build a ‘prototype unit’.
What does than mean? Does each unit has it’s own HVAC? Ok. I add a Heating and Cooling subsection. It’s own water heater, electrical panel, laundry? I add those subsections.

Some multi family properties even have a common heating, cooling, laundry, or hot water system just like a single family home. In those cases you can just use the same sections again that are in your Home Inspection template.

Once you determine the basic makeup of a unit you can duplicate that unit over and over in the report as many times as you need.

It is really that simple

  • Treat the building like you would any typical single family home
  • Create a Unit section and duplicate it as many times as you need


  1. I’m inspecting a multifamily house tomorrow and was planning to read this blog post so I could learn how best to use Tap Inspect in this situation. For some reason your post truncates after the first paragraph so the important information is missing.

    I’d be grateful if you could provide some insight into your 2 multi-family approaches. THANKS!

  2. This is exactly how I have been doing it and it works great. Also you can actually name your different units I.e. Apart# 201,202 etc.. when you do this it appears as though your library is not there but it is ! Just use the search bar to search you entire library for a particular entry. Works like a charm!

    1. Scott, what I do is add the extra sections and then change the titles last, after I complete the report. This way, as I am working thru my report, the saved comments are available for each section.

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