3 Questions Home Inspectors Should Ask When Buying Tech Gloves

Deciding on which gloves to use with your touchscreen can be drag. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself.

All home inspectors know that sometimes it’s hard to keep warm if you’re working out in the field. Especially if you rely on Tap Inspect or other apps on your iPhone or iPad. Your fingers will freeze!

Many people will look to tech gloves so you can still use your touch screen devices without getting frostbite on your digits. Magical, right?! How do you decide which ones to buy? There are so many! Here is a little guide to help you choose the right ones for you.

What is Your Climate?

The climate where you do your home inspections is the first thing to consider when choosing your tech gloves. If you use the Tap Inspect app somewhere that is below freezing for 3+ months of the year, you may need super thick gloves to keep you warm all day long. If you’re from somewhere milder or out in the weather less, a thin pair will probably suffice. Think about how often during your day you are in the cold and decide from there how thick you want your gloves.

How Much Tech Do You Use?

The amount of home inspection work you do on your device throughout the day will also dictate how thick your gloves can be. The thicker the gloves, the more difficult it can be to use your device. This is where you have to decide if warmth or functionality is more important for your needs.

What Kind of Home Inspection Work Will You Do?

The final key consideration is what else you’ll be doing in these gloves. Do you have to get in a crawl space? Will you be using tools?
You may want gloves with plastic gripping so they are useful for more than your iPad. Do you usually just snap a couple pictures and then head back to the office? Then you can go for a more fashionably, less utilitarian pair.

So there you have it. Bigger is not always better. There is usually a point where your gloves can get so thick they make it harder to use your device, not easier. Also, don’t forget that sometimes little features like rubber grips can make a huge difference.

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Good luck and stay warm.

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