3 Tips on Why Collaborating is Better Than Competing

2014-09-08 09.22.12In today’s business world, most of us business-minded folks are set on being at the top of our industry. That is the ultimate goal in business, right? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes competing with other businesses in your field can work against you. Sometimes, it is much more beneficial to your home inspection business if you collaborate with other businesses in your field to get jobs done. Here’s why:

1. Collaboration with other businesses helps your business financially: Each year, small businesses pour their money into growth and development as a way to compete against other businesses. However, sometimes it’s necessary to merge your home inspection business with similar ones to save money and get the job done. Collaboration can mean cutting the cost of supplies and processes. In a nutshell, collaborating can help your business stay financially stable, especially during a rough economy.

2. Sometimes,  your business just doesn’t have the manpower: Face it. Sometimes there aren’t enough bodies to get everything done and this can potentially hurt your business. For example, if one of your contractors need time off, the work can still get done by calling another similar business and extending the offer to work for your business. These types of networking methods create a relief for you and your business doesn’t have to suffer. Collaborating allows you the opportunity to reach out to others in your field and never skip a beat if your manpower is low.

3. Collaboration with other businesses is a great way to help promote your business: What better way to get your name out there than to work with other similar businesses? Sometimes it’s a good idea to tap into the industry and work with businesses that are doing what you’re doing and this could lead to more people knowing about your business. Promoting your business through collaborative efforts can increase your numbers greatly.

So there you have it business owners and home inspectors! Sometimes in order to grow your business, you must work together with other businesses. Competition in business is a natural phenomenon. And competition is necessary.  However, never neglect networking and collaborating with similar business. It may help you more than setting up a competitive situation. Be smart and collaborate!

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