Tap Inspect’s New Comment Library

It’s finally here–Tap Inspect’s¬†biggest upgrade this year. We’ve been listening to your comments, working with customers and using our product in the field to figure out what we can do to make our software the best on the market. We know that the most important aspect of your business is performing a thorough inspection that accurately reflects problems you see in your own language. We believe that our new comment library is going to make that easier. Here’s how:

* Save Your Own Comments

Tap Inspect already provides a check list of items you can customize for each facet of your inspection. You can also type in your own comments to explain things a little better and add photos. The new version allows you to save comments you’ve typed in and use them time and time again on your reports. Once you’ve saved a comment, Tap Inspect will automatically store it on our web server, allowing you to use it on multiple devices. Write a comment about a leaky roof on your phone and you’ll be able to use that same comment next week when you perform an inspection on your iPad.


 * Find Comments Easily

Some comments you’ll use all the time. Some every now and then. Some every few years. Regardless of how often you use comment, we want you to be able to locate it with ease. The newest version of Tap Inspect remembers which comments you frequently use in each section and lists them first. For comments you use less frequently, we’ve also added a search function that allows you to quickly locate any comment you’ve saved for any report. Simply start typing keywords in that comment and Tap Inspect will filter the best matches.


* Grow Your Library Along With Your Business

Tap Inspect’s new comment library will change along with your business. Change, update or edit comments you’ve already written then save it as an update in the library or as an entirely new comment to use again later. The longer you inspect and update Tap Inspect, the more our software customizes to your business needs.




We’d also love to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@tapinspect.com or 502-414-1440. You can also connect with us through¬†LinkedIn,¬†Facebook¬†and¬†Twitter.

We hope that our new system will make inspecting faster and easier. Thanks, as always, for making Tap Inspect a part of your business.


Michael Wirth

Co-Founder of Tap Inspect

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