4 Steps to Succeed in Any Real Estate Slowdown

The trick to success in any real state slowdown is simple. Make it easy for your clients to navigate through the home inspection process and make sure agents know how you are doing it.

Any home inspector can do it with these four simple steps.

1. Know Thy Inspection Client

Over the past few years, agents and clients have become a bit more “millennial”. They use their phones for everything except making a voice phone call. They would much rather text, email, or use a website.

White glove or red carpet service has taken a completely different meaning. It used to mean personal one-on-one relationship based service. Now it means simple, low friction, and easy to do from my phone kind of service.

Have you adapted to meet the changing needs and expectations of your clients and agents?

2. Build Your Brand to Stand Out

It’s hard to stand out in the home inspection business. Most homebuyers just don’t understand the difference between one home inspection company and the other. That is where branding comes in.

Your brand is not just a pitch. It is how you and your company stand out from all the other home inspectors. Do you deliver reports onsite? That speed of delivery can make you stand out. Do you offer a warranty or recall check? People love a freebie. Do you offer discounted Radon, mold, or sewer scope? Your competitors MAY NOT.

Deciding how your branding will fit into a new market takes time. But now is the best time to do it and use these 5 Musts to Market Your Home Inspection Business on the Internet.

3. Socialize to Grow Your Referral Network

Now is the time to be out there talking and meeting up with agents and even other home inspectors. You may have had to turn away an agent or two when things got busy. Now is the time to reconnect and let them know you are in it for the long haul. Be sure they will come back to you.

Not all home inspectors are your competition. Once you establish a place in your local market, there is plenty of work to go around. Other home inspectors become your colleagues, and you realize it is in all your interests to work toward some common goals.

Over the last few years, it’s been next to impossible to find a time to meet up. Once the days get shorter and everyone’s business slows down, it gets easier. Make the effort and meet up. Tell your war stories, and listen to theirs. Share the struggle. Being a home inspector is unlike anything else.

4. Scale Up With a Tool Like Tap Inspect

Now that you’ve taken care of the basics to help your home inspection business succeed, it’s time to invest in solutions that will save time, boost efficiency, and help grow your business even more.

Tools like Tap Inspect let you schedule new jobs right from your phone while you are out in the field networking and inspecting. Being able to share media rich reports almost immediately after the inspection helps you stand out from the competition.

Tap Inspect Autopilot helps you scale up even more.  Automating your agreements, invoicing, and collecting online payments gives you more time to market and inspect.

Autopilot messaging sends automatic reminders and follow up messages to your clients and agents. Giving your brand the professionalism to stand out from the competition.

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