5 Free Business Tools for Home Inspectors: September Edition

* If MS Word just isn’t cutting it for your invoicing needs, Tradeshift is here to help. The company’s array of free online invoicing apps allows you to send quotes, convert it to an invoice once the client accepts and track payments.

* Need to conference with another home inspector, your accountant or the group revamping your web page? FreeConferenceCall.com allows you to conduct no-charge teleconferences with no strings attached.

* LinkedIn gets all the recognition for professional networking, but Entrepreneur Connect is a social networking site specially designed for those who own their own businesses.

* Avoid the back and forth of scheduling with home inspection clients thanks to Doodle. The free software allows you to select and send several available meet-up times to clients. Once your client has picked what works for them, Doodle automatically imports the pertinent info to your calendar.

* Make your corporate announcements a bit prettier with Pingg. The site provides free stylish templates you can use to follow up with clients or announce company events.

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