5 of Our Favorite Free Business Tools for Home Inspectors

* All of the good content in the world isn’t going to amount to diddly squat if nobody can find it. Hubspot.com is offering¬†this free guide¬†to search engine optimizing your web site.


* What do your home inspection clients really think of you? Check it out on¬†Yelp. The site isn’t exactly the newest kid on the block, but it does provide an invaluable (and free!) way to read client reviews, address questions and create a good public image.


* Score with¬†SCORE¬†thanks to the organizaton’s free¬†templates and tools. If you’re stuck on how to format the perfect business plan, revise your budget or get the legal mumbo jumbo down, SCORE is the place to start.


* Ken Compton is here to help you market yourself. Producing a series of free marketing videos aimed specifically at home inspectors,¬†Compton’s Youtube page¬†is a one-stop shop of useful goodies.


* Facebook and Twitter may go the way of the dodo thanks to Google Plus. The new social networking site is available by invite only for now, but could prove to be invaluable once it goes public. Be one of the  first to establish an online presence.

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