5 Reasons Home Inspectors Shouldn’t Buy a WiFi Only Tablet

Which tablet is better for inspectors to use in the field? Is the 4G LTE tablet better and worth the extra money?

Free Wifi ImageIn addition to our smart phones, the world presented us with miracles better know as the tablet. Be it an iPad or Android tablet, the internet connectivity has been the latest in a technology boxing match. Is it worth it now to purchase a WiFi only tablet vs. a 4G LTE tablet where the internet is already built in? Well, the answer all depends on the user and their plans of using their tablet. However, listen up home inspectors! You may realize that for you, one is better than the other. Here are 5 reasons why you should not purchase a WiFi only tablet:

1. Internet Security

In today’s age, where most internet browsing happens in local coffee shops and cubicles, internet safety is a huge concern. Those who purchase the WiFi only tablet often shares an internet connection with those around them; complete strangers. Security is often a concern here, as it should be leaving your social network passwords and personal information vulnerable to the public. However, tablets that have 4G LTE interntet capability allows for a more secure internet experience. You aren’t sharing a connectivity with anyone using this option.

2. Internet Speed is faster with 4G LTE 

Now, let’s talk speed. Across a public WiFi connection, where those same strangers are sharing the connection, obviously your tablet will move a slow speeed. In comparison to the 4G LTE tablet, the WiFi only tablet’s connectivity will move much slower. A tablet with 4G LTE internet capability will be a connection to the Web that only involves the owner of the tablet.

3. You can complete your home inspection reports via 4G LTE networks 

Inspectors can produce inspection reports via 4G LTE, too. And it all depends on you will be using your tablet. Ask yourself, do I plan on taking my tablet out in the field? Or is this just for home use? More than likely, tablet users plan to commute and work in the field with their tablets. Therefore, paying the extra money for a 4G LTE Tablet may be worth it.

4. You can avoid tethering from your WiFi Device to your smartphone 

There is also an option of simply buying the WiFi only tablet and tethering it to your smart phone by using it as a mobile hotspot. Not a bad idea, however, there are consequences like draining your battery and overusing your data. So beware of that option. With a 4G LTE tablet, your internet is available to you without tethering.

5. Save time and pay the extra money 

Many would argue that the extra $120.00 and a monthly data plan is just more convenient. For inspectors, convenience and timeliness is key. A WiFi only tablet may cause a headache in the field considering possible internet connection issues and the security issues, too. While purchasing your tablet, consider these factors to determine which option best suits your needs in the field…Tap Inspect votes for the 4G LTE tablet.

So, why pay more for a 4G LTE tablet when there are free WiFi all over the universe? The answer is simple: A WiFi only tablet can jeopardize your internet safety and time in the field. Even worse, if you plan to tether your device to your smart phone, that can drain your battery and overuse your data.

For those users looking to only use their tablets at home, perhaps a WiFi only tablet is a better option. When talking dollars and sense, a built in cellular connection with the 4G LTE advantages will cost around $120 more including a possible data plan depending on your device’s carrier and plan option.

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