5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Home Inspection Clients

Every client isn't going to be a walk in the park! Truth is, some clients can give you a hard time. Here's how to deal with them:

Let’s face it, some home inspection clients can be hard to handle. However, in an effort to remain professional and maintain inspection business, it’s important to remember the classic business slogan that states “The customer is always right”. Well, not really, but we still have to know how to deal with the ones that are difficult! Here are 5 tips to help you deal with difficult clients.

Make compromises

If a client is giving you a rough time, try to meet them half way. For example, if a situation occurs where your particular home inspection client makes an outrageous request, try your best to strike a compromise to meet in the middle as a way to satisfy the customer and maintain your business integrity.

Never neglect your professionalism

Regardless of whether or not a client is acting difficult, keep in mind that you need to remain professional. Never make an attempt to shout back, say inappropriate things or neglect the requested service of any client. Even though a client may act difficult, it’s extremely important to reassure that client of one thing: you are a professional there to do a job!

Offer opportunities to continually promote business

Despite a difficult client, keep in mind the importance of their business. Try to offer promotions and discounts to clients that give you a hard time. Doing this shows a gesture of respect for your client, despite their behavior. It also gives you the opportunity to promote your business and help that not-so-easy client to see that overall, your mind is on keeping them satisfied. Like the wise saying goes, “Kill them with kindness”.

Respectfully receive negative feedback

If a home inspection client is being difficult and dishing out negative feedback,  take it! Bad reviews need to be taken seriously in business. Difficult clients may not always act satisfied and give nice feedback. However, take those comments as ways to improve yourself and your business. Don’t take it personal.

Keep a straight face

Ever heard the old saying “Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve”? Well this is so true in business. As a client gives you a hard time, it’s important not to allow your personal emotions to respond to that client. It is never acceptable to deal with a difficult client by being more difficult. Put your game face on and do the job!

So overall, understand that your priorities are to maintain business by keeping and building clientele. Even your difficult clients need your home inspection service. Learn how to handle them, your business counts on it!

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