5 Tips on How to Improve Your Networking

Are you someone that wants to grow your business but hates the idea of networking? Here are 5 tips to help you improve your networking skills!

Networking imageNetworking is one of the key components to growing and expanding any business, and especially the home inspection business. It’s not just mingling at local business events or collecting fancy business cards. Networking is a skill. In order to obtain this skill, here are 5 tips on how to network:

1. Show up and be present: If you want people to know your home inspection business and you wish to promote yours, it’s important to actually attend events and interact with others at these events. Show up, introduce yourself and welcome introductions from others. Putting a face to a business is much better than browsing websites and filing away business cards. Show up and and actually network.

2. Work on having a professional appearance: Appearance is the first thing someone will notice about you before you even open your mouth to network. Be sure to have a clean, professional look and carry yourself with confidence. People want to see that you are approachable and this will help them come to you.

3. Be aggressive: Don’t be afraid to start conversations and approach others in order to network. Being aggressive will assist people in learning what you’re about and give them a great sense of your personality. Confidence is key here.

4. Follow up: Going to networking events is a pointless venture if you don’t take time to follow up. Understand that everyone at a networking even had a motive and the one shared motive is to grow their own business. If you don’t take time to send follow up emails to people you’ve networked with, your networking was pointless. Actually use the business cards that are handed to you, make calls and connect. No follow up means no point in networking.

5. Do your research and pre-work: A great way to master the skill of networking is to research prior to networking. Learn the background of businesses and the lead people before attending events. Do your homework as a way to know what to expect and gain from meeting people face to face.

Again, networking is a skill. It will grow as you and your home inspection business grows. It is a part of business that will reassure growth for you and your actual business. Networking is absolutely necessary for home inspectors!

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