5 Ways to Become a Master Communicator

Get your point across in a way your client can understand. Become a master communicator by following a few simple rules.

Mastering-interpersonal-communication-skillsAs cliché as it may sound, in the home inspection business, communication is key. In order to communicate, one needs to understand the elements of communication and how to pull it off. It isn’t an easy feat, yet as you grow in your home inspection business, so will your styles of communication. Below are five tips to becoming a master communicator in today’s world:

  1. Know your voice and share it with the world: The first tip to becoming a master communicator is discovering your individual voice. In a world of different personalities, your voice is what sets you aside. Your voice is what demands attention and it is what you are known by. It is the way in which you carry yourself as a human being and the style in which you share that with the world.
  2. Be confident at all times: Understand that when communicating with others in your field, you need to display great levels of confidence to be a great communicator. This is not to say that shy introverts cannot be master communicators-they can. However, when communicating in the home inspection business, it is essential to gain the floor with confidence. Speak with authority and move with authority. Confidence can be felt in a crowd. And so can fear. Don’t communicate with fear; confidence will help you gain control of any situation. As a master communicator, be confident, despite any situations.
  3. Slow down: Keep in mind that in this case, the race is not won by the swift. To become a master communicator, take your time to communicate. Your listeners need to understand you. Fast communication is not necessary. Talking fast and rushing through will lessen the mastery of communication.
  4. Have a purpose: What is it that you are trying to get across? What is your purpose of communicating? These are two questions you need to have answered in your mind as a way to gain control of any situation. Communicating with a purpose allows you the authority over the situation. It gives you focus and a clear focus is the key to a master communicator.
  5. Remember to engage: When communicating, understand it isn’t so much about you as the communicator. To become a master communicator, it is vital to remember names, ask questions and have answers. Engaging people in your communicative style makes it easier for you to communicate. Engagement calls for you to give people a voice as well

It is said that many people listen to respond, and not to understand. As a master communicator, you must listen as much as you communicate. Becoming a master communicator is a great charge to take. Listen, learn and evolve as a communicator. Become a master of your voice and as you grow, your style of communication will grow, too.

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