How to Get Your Home Inspection Customer to Refer You

Looking for ways to increase business? Ask your customers.

goldfishPeople can bring you business if you play your cards right. Every potential client of your home inspection business, can be the beginning relationship with a new client. ¬†One of the best ways to achieve expansion and create a good business reputation is to create lasting relationships with the people you service. Here’s 7 tips on how to get your customers to refer you:


1. Create a good impression on your customer: If you want your customers to spread quality recommendations about your home inspection business, you need to be sure to set and maintain a good impression. Things like being on time at the job, following up with services and having a professional attitude are important.  Customers remember this. And they value it.

2. Distribute business cards to your customers: Business cards are not old-fashioned. In fact, when most people are sharing your business with someone else,  their doing so with your business card in hand. Always prepare to leave a few business cards after completing a service in the field.

3. Remember your customers names and needs: Studies show that most people are impressed when a home inspector¬†remembers their name and needs. “Oh, Good to see you today Mr. Adams! How’s that roof treating you this spring?” Customers like to hear things like that that shows they are better acquainted with someone who is responsible for the maintenance and inspection of their homes. This is a great way to get a customer to refer you.

4. Offer Deals: For longtime customers,  offer 15% off of a job just to give your customers a break. This gesture shows appreciation to your customer and can potentially bring more business.

5. Be prepared on the job: Your customers are always watching you on the job. After all, they are investing in you and expect quality service.  So with that in mind, remember to always come prepared.  You having all the precise tools and materials makes you look on top of the game. Customers mention things like this while referring you to family and friends. No good customer referral includes bad-mouthing the service.

6. Follow up with customers: After completing a job,  continue to show your customer respect by calling and following up. This will definitely leave a lasting impression on your customer and generate bragging rights where you are the subject of the bragging!

7. Promote yourself! There is nothing wrong with developing relationships with your home inspection customers and actually asking then to refer you. Remember to be polite while requesting them to refer you and it’s always good to mention details of the services you provide.

Creating a better home inspection business among your customers is key. A great way to expand your business is to remember that your customers make your business. If your service is quality, they will be eager to refer you.

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