“Imagine if you could run an entire home inspection business using only your phone”

When we first started thinking about what eventually became Tap Inspect, nothing like it existed. The iPhone 3G was brand-new, technology magazines were covered with the phrase “there’s an app for that!”, and most home inspectors we talked with spent hours every night transcribing their handwritten notes and manually importing their photos into a computer.

As a multigenerational family of home inspectors and engineers, we realized that we had a unique set of skills to turn our idea into reality. Over Thanksgiving dinner we decided to accept the challenge of creating a simple prototype. By Christmas we were huddled around an iPhone excited by the possibilities before us.

We had two clear goals as we set out on this journey:

We translated generations of home inspection experience into building something that we wanted to use for our own inspections.

The app should be easy and efficient to use so an inspector can finish the report while still at the job site.

The final report should be simple and clear enough that a client can read and understand it all.

Meet Our Team

Jason Adams

Co-Founder and System Architect

“I’ve written software for everything from military airplanes to cell phone chipsets to video games, and I’ve learned lots of lessons along the way.

My goal today is simple: I want Tap Inspect to be an application you won’t want to live without. It is so amazing that something we have built has become such a huge part of so many people’s daily lives.”

Michael Wirth

Co-Founder and Retired Home Inspector

“Over my 20+ years in the business I've completed over 10,000 home inspections. Much of that career I used Tap Inspect almost every day and finish my home inspection reports at the job.

I love helping new home inspectors get started and to help veteran inspectors find a better, easier way to do their reports. Tap Inspect changed my home inspection business and it can help you change yours.”

Company Milestones

December 2008
First working prototype created for Tap Inspect
October 2010
Tap Inspect v1.0 is released to the iTunes App Store
August 2012
1 million photos taken with Tap Inspect
September 2014
Tap Inspect for iPad released
June 2016
300,000 home inspections completed with Tap Inspect
November 2018
Team Plan for multi-inspector firms introduced
April 2020
Sub Label
Autopilot back office tools released into beta
July 2021
Sub Label
1 million home inspections completed with Tap Inspect
November 2021
Sub Label
Modern App Experience released
April 2022
Sub Label
Tap Inspect Academy online training introduced