App-solute Power: Apps Home Inspectors Should Use

You’re already doing home inspection reports by phone (Thanks Tap Inspect!), but these apps can take it to the next level. Here are four apps that will transform your cell or iPad into a company command center.

Tap Inspect allows you to import photos from an inspection into your report, but this iPad app provides editing and annotation features that allow you to show clients exactly what they should notice in the photo. Free and simple to use, Skitch is an easy way to add those arrows and circles your clients love that point out the mold lurking in the bottom lefthand corner of your photograph.

Cost: Free!

You can complete a home inspection report on the job site. You should be able to get paid there too. This app for the iPhone and iPad allows you to create customized company invoices (complete with your logo and everything) that can be shown to your customers or e-mailed to them directly. Customers who want to pay on the spot can do that too since Invoice2Go can connect with any PayPal account. A double bonus is that the program will also automatically sync to your desktop computer, creating a backup of your invoices just in case anything happens to your cell or iPad.

Cost: $10.49 for the basic app.

The inspection’s done; now it’s time to get paid. With Square, home inspectors can process Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit cards by phone without leaving the job site. Funds will be deposited into your business account within 24 hours. To get going, inspectors need to sign up for a free cell-ready credit card reader here, then head to the app store to download the app for their iPhone or iPad.

Cost: The apps are free, but the processing isn’t. Square charges 2.75 percent per transaction every time you accept a credit card payment by swiping. Transactions that are manually entered into the phone will cost a 3.5 percent plus a 15 cent fee.

Chase Quick Deposit
There are lots of arguments to be made about why small business owners should avoid big banks like the plague, but Chase offers one super sexy incentive for business owners on the go (ahem: inspectors). With Chase Quick Deposit, inspectors with iPhones and iPads can make deposits into their bank accounts by simply taking two photos of a check with their cell phone. No more rushing to the bank. No more crossing your fingers that your lockbox/glove compartment/home safe doesn’t get broken into. In addition to Quick Deposit, the company also offers online billpay by phone and the ability to check bank balances and transfer funds with your cell.

Cost: Quick Deposit is free for Chase users with a personal checking account. For small business owners who need to make several deposits of multiple checks per month, the company provides an at-home check scanner for a minimal fee.


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