Autopilot Your Inspection Business

Remove the hassle of operating your home inspection business by automating your back office workflows without bloated software or clunky integrations.

No Hassle Scheduling

Client Portal & Automated Messaging

Agreements & E-Signing

Online Payments

What Type Inspector Are You?

Our set it and forget it solutions really put the chores of running your inspection business on autopilot.

Established Inspector

Our set it and forget it solutions really put the chores of running your inspection business on autopilot. It’s necessary to automate your tasks to have the time, focus and control to grow your business beyond your current stage.

New & Part Time Inspectors

Significantly up the professionalism of your inspection services by leveraging all of our best practices built over 20+ years in the inspection business. Our automated workflows protect you from forgetting to do a task or making a costly mistake.

Multi Inspector Team

Perfect for maintaining a consistent experience across your entire business. Easy for staff to learn and prevents them from making admin mistakes. You can quickly assign or reassign jobs to an inspector without changing the automation.


No obligation free trial at your finger tips.


Trusted in Over 1 Million Home Inspections

Inspection Tech
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Tap Inspect saves us one to two hours of work on every inspection because we do not have to upload photos, cut-copy-paste anything, convert to PDF, or attach anything to an email to send out our inspection reports.
ServiceUSA Home Inspections
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“Tap Inspect lets us team up to complete the report and email it to the client and Realtor before leaving the property. No wasted time going back to the office. We get to go home to spend time with our families. Word has spread around that there is no waiting for our reports like with other home inspectors.”
5 Star Reviews
5 Star Reviews
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“Michael and his support are second to none! The software keeps getting better all the time.”

“I have spoken with Michael and have been completely satisfied on all occasions with his sincere desire to create a product that was both completely useful and cost effective.”

“Michael and his team listen to all recommendations and do a great job implementing the app with updates.”

Choose The Right Plan To Fit Your Business

Home inspectors routinely save 1-2 hours per inspection when they use to Tap Inspect. Since launching in 2010, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback and built a loyal community of inspectors who haven’t looked back since switching to our mobile app. As home inspectors, we understand the different challenges you face so we structured these plans to be flexible and based on your inspection volume.

Pay as You Go

The perfect plan for most new and part time inspectors who can’t afford a monthly subscription or don’t want to spend money on desktop software that wastes time.
$ 7
50 /Per Job
  • Sold in blocks of 20 for $150

Unlimited Plan

Full time home inspectors can use our monthly plan to save 1-2 hours per inspection and bring down their cost per inspection to only $3-4.
$ 90
/Per Month
  • 50% off Pay as You Go

Inspection Team

Streamline your report writing process by switching your entire team to Tap Inspect to save time and immediately send clients the report at the end of their inspection.
$ 45
/ per user
  • $90/mo + $45 per inspector