Autopilot Your Inspection Business

We remove the hassle of operating your home inspection business by automating your back office workflows without bloated software or clunky integrations.

Shockingly Easy to Use & Make Adjustments

Shockingly Easy to Use
& Make Adjustments

We translated all of our best practices developed over 20+ years in the inspection industry into building the easiest back office software available that just works how today’s inspectors need it to work.
Automate to Reduce Hassle & Save Time

Automate to Reduce
Hassle & Save Time

Just set it and forget it to prevent costly mistakes and remove worry. It fits seamlessly in your process, doesn’t add time to your day, and saves up to 5 hours per week. Take control of your business.

Deliver a Better Client Experience

Deliver a Better Client

Have confidence in your ability to provide a professional experience, regardless of how busy you are, to develop happier client relationships to earn more positive reviews and referrals and grow your business.

Thousands of home inspection businesses are already saving 1-2 hours per inspection with our mobile report writing app. Here’s how we’re helping them put their back office on autopilot.

No Hassle Scheduling

-We designed the workflow based on how you already talk to clients on the phone

-Find open availability at a glance, even with multiple inspectors

-Connect your personal Google calendars to block out time

-Price calculator easily lets you bid the job on the phone

-Simple rescheduling with automated messaging to clients

-Easily add and remove addon services on an existing job

No Hassle Scheduling
Client Portal & Automated Messaging

Client Portal & Automated Messaging

-Provide a professional experience to clients and agents

-Dedicated Client Portal puts everything related to their inspection in one place

-Clients & agents are automatically notified with important updates or when they need to take action

-Customize messaging language across automated emails

Agreements & E-Signing

-Reduce liability by requiring agreement signatures

-Prevents a mistake from costing you thousands later

-Add one or multiple agreements for each job

-Agreements automatically sent before the scheduled job

-Add or remove agreements after the job has been confirmed

-Signatures required before accessing the report

-Cheaper and easier than Docusign

Agreements & E-Signing
Invoicing & Price Calculator

Invoicing & Price Calculator

-Provide near instant pricing to respond quickly & win more jobs

-No more guesstimating because we’re doing the math for you

-Customized price calculators that work for your business

-Accommodates multiple variables like square feet, travel distance, age of home, crawlspace, etc

-Works with optional add-on services like Radon Testing, etc

-Invoices are created and sent automatically when you schedule the job & available in Client Portal

Online Payments

-Require payment before clients can access the inspection report

-Often get paid before you even show up for the inspection

-No more switching between systems or double entry of prices and contact info 

-Quit chasing clients or manually sending reminders for payment

-Accept payments through the mobile app at the job site or over the phone in the office

-Clients can pay directly from the Client Portal 

-Accept all major credit cards

-Fees competitive with other alternatives

Online Payments

What Type of Businesses Does It Work For?

Single Inspector

Our set it and forget it solutions really put the chores of running your inspection business on autopilot. It’s necessary to automate your tasks to have the time, focus and control to grow your business beyond your current stage.

New & Part Time

Significantly up the professionalism of your inspection services by leveraging all of our best practices built over 20+ years in the inspection business. Our automated workflows protect you from forgetting to do a task or making a costly mistake.

Multi Inspector

Perfect for maintaining a consistent experience across your entire business. Easy for staff to learn and prevents them from making admin mistakes. You can quickly assign or reassign jobs to an inspector without changing the automation.

Here’s What Our Early Users Are Saying:

Bryan Booth

“Starting up my home inspection business was hard enough! I knew I needed to handle invoices and contracts but i just wasn’t sure the best way to do it. Tap inspect Autopilot made it simple and fast to set up and use. It’s just another thing I don’t have to worry about.”

Bryan Booth
AdvantageHome Inspections

Johnny Poston

“I tried using ISN to do my agreements and invoices when I had someone answering my phones. When I started taking my own calls again it was just too complicated and too hard when I was also out in the field inspecting. With Autopilot I can enter a new job from my phone while I’m out in the field and know it all will be taken care of.”

Johnny Poston
Blueline Home Inspections

Josh Carson

“Tap Inspect helped us grow from a single inspector to a five inspector company over just a few months. We could not have done it without Autopilot. Our office scheduler had access to all the inspectors calendars and was able to confirm jobs once she knew everything was in order. Invoices were sent out and over 50% were paid before we even showed up at the inspection. Thank you Tap Inspect!” 

Josh Carson
Blueprint Home Inspections

Everything Now Under One Roof

Everything Now Under
One Roof

Move beyond clunky integrations that force you to compromise just to make it work and are a time consuming mess to adjust over time. Tap Inspect works seamlessly across your business.

Easy To Setup, Learn & Use for the Long Term

Easy To Setup, Learn &
Use for the Long Term

We built Tap Inspect to be the most straightforward solution to your needs and we’ve created a series of guides, checklists, how to videos, and FAQ’s to support your team’s needs.

One Single Support Team for Answers

One Single Support Team
for Answers

Avoid getting the run around by different integration partners support teams blaming each other for issues. If you ever have a question, you’ll only have to contact our responsive support team for answers

Get Started Today at No Additional Cost

And the best part is that you can start today without any extra costs because all these features are now included in your existing Tap Inspect subscription!