Battery Saving Tips for Home Inspectors Smart Devices

Nothing is worse than a dead device in the field. Take a look at some of our power saving tips and apps available to save your day.

iphone-battery-low While in the field with your smart device, it is extremely important to watch your battery life so you can get your home inspection jobs done. That can be easier said than done considering the all the emails, text messages and phone calls that we receive. Just this daily activity on your device can drain your battery rapidly not to mention taking photo and publishing reports.

Doing small things like disabling the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services can help save your batter life.  You may also want to turn on Auto-Brightness and disable dynamic backgrounds. Try to set your messaging apps to manual as opposed to allowing messages to be automatically retrieved. Also, get rid of all unnecessary home screen widgets on Android devices to preserve battery life. On Android you can figure out what applications are consuming your phone’s battery in your settings tab.

Luckily, for Apple devices and Androids, there are battery saving apps available for download to help save your phone’s life and your life, too! Check out below some very common battery saving apps that can be downloaded to your smart device.

Easy Battery Saver: This is a manager app that is designed to extend battery life and optimize the overall using habit of your smart device. Downloading this app will help prevent a dead phone in while working on an inspection report.

Juice Defender: This free application can be downloaded and helps you manage common connections on your Android smart phones. Connections such as mobile data and Wi-Fi can be managed using Juice Defender with various preset modes that determine background synchronization and choosing the apps that can keep your screen on. Overall, these things help manager battery life.

Battery Doctor: This app is exclusively for iPhones and have been updated for iOS 7. It is easy to manage battery life and provide thorough information and tools for users to keep track of what is pulling their battery life. The app has five different menus providing very detailed information about the iPhone’s battery internal workings. It shows how much of your iPhone’s battery each of the running applications are using and offers instructions on how to suspend of these processes.

Battery Manager: Also for iPhones is this app that allows the users to select a usage time for a running application. Battery Manager will determine the amount of time your Iphone will last on battery for that particular application by allowing you to select any of the phone’s processes listed and use a slider to choose the particular amount of time the user will use that app or process. It is a way to micromanage your battery usage to maximize your battery’s efficiency.

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