NEW: Update to Modern App Experience

Welcome to version 7 of the Tap Inspect mobile app. This update to the modern app experience has been in the works for a while and is now available. It gets us closer to our goal of making it even easier to run your home inspection business from your phone or tablet. While still providing the same simple-to-use and easy-to-learn reporting system.

New Jobs Dashboard

The new Jobs Dashboard makes it easier to find openings in your schedule and book new jobs while you are on the go.

Improved status indicators allow you to see your availability at a glance in the new Day View and Month View of your schedule. Not just if you have a job but what part of the day is still open.

The interactive Maps View shows you the location of each inspection for the day so you can see how much travel you will be doing. Tap on a pin for more information about the job.

Book Jobs on the Go

Book a new job by tapping an open slot in the Day View of your schedule to grab that slot for a client while you are still on the phone. Or tap the plus to start a new job and choose any date or time.

We have added the most common inspection slots for you, but you can customize them to fit your business and your unique schedule. This makes it easier than ever to schedule a new job by tapping an open slot to book it and helps keep track of your availability.

More Legacy and a Few New Features

This update has multiple synchronization fixes and lots of small UI improvements. Plus, more legacy features have been re-introduced, getting us closer to closer full feature parity with the legacy app experience.

  • It’s now possible to copy a full report from another job into the current job.
  • Added the ability to import report data from a report in another job into the current report.
  • When modifying the text of a saved comment, you can now create a new saved comment from your changes in addition to updating the original.
  • Added the ability to specify a custom condition rating for an individual item.
  • Added the missing option to edit the report footer from the report options screen.
  • Added the option to send a text message in addition to making a phone call when clicking on a person’s phone number in the schedule tab.

What’s Next

This is a big update for Tap Inspect and is the result of rebuilding much of the underlying tech of the mobile app. 

With this update done, we are able to return to a more frequent update cycle of the mobile app so we can get bug fixes and new features out in a more timely way.

We will continue to support the legacy app experience, but you will need to have iOS 13 or greater to install this and future updates to the mobile app.

NEW: Advanced Tap Inspect Topics Course

The Advanced Tap Inspect Topics course is now available in Tap Inspect Academy. This course guides you, step-by-step, on the best practices to make Tap Inspect your own without spending hours reading tutorials or trying to do it on your own by trial and error.

Go Beyond Just Mastering the Basics

Advanced Tap Inspect Topics go beyond the basics of creating and sharing your inspection results covered in the Master the Basics of Tap Inspect course in Tap Inspect Academy. This course dives deeper into the best practices of how to make Tap Inspect your own.

Tailor Your Templates to Fit Your Business

The course starts by showing you how to tailor your templates to fit your personal style of reporting. By the end of the section, you’ll be able to make the default templates your own by customizing them to fit how you inspect.

Unlock the Power of Your Saved Comments

Next, we’ll help you unlock the power of your saved comments to save you time in the field. You’ll learn how your saved comments work and some of the best practices that make them the key to speed and efficiency when reporting.

Dial In Your Client’s Experience

A memorable and personalized client experience is key to showing your professionalism as a home inspector. In this section of the course, we focus on how to curate your client portal and your messaging to fit your brand and your voice for everyone who views your reports.

And More …

To close out the course, we’ll cover some advanced company information and tools like your Tap Inspect Contacts, Job Roles, and a couple of other account tools.

Are you ready to customize Tap Inspect to fit your brand and voice? The Advanced Tap Inspect Topics course can guide you step-by-step.

Enroll Today and Earn Subscription Credits

Go to Tap Inspect Academy and enroll today! 

Start with Getting the Best Support to set yourself up for success before diving into Mastering the Basics of Tap Inspect. Then you will be ready to jump into the Advanced Tap Inspect Topics.

Complete each course and grab your diploma. Send it to, and we will add the subscription credits to your account.

4 Steps to Succeed in Any Real Estate Slowdown

The trick to success in any real state slowdown is simple. Make it easy for your clients to navigate through the home inspection process and make sure agents know how you are doing it.

Any home inspector can do it with these four simple steps.

1. Know Thy Inspection Client

Over the past few years, agents and clients have become a bit more “millennial”. They use their phones for everything except making a voice phone call. They would much rather text, email, or use a website.

White glove or red carpet service has taken a completely different meaning. It used to mean personal one-on-one relationship based service. Now it means simple, low friction, and easy to do from my phone kind of service.

Have you adapted to meet the changing needs and expectations of your clients and agents?

2. Build Your Brand to Stand Out

It’s hard to stand out in the home inspection business. Most homebuyers just don’t understand the difference between one home inspection company and the other. That is where branding comes in.

Your brand is not just a pitch. It is how you and your company stand out from all the other home inspectors. Do you deliver reports onsite? That speed of delivery can make you stand out. Do you offer a warranty or recall check? People love a freebie. Do you offer discounted Radon, mold, or sewer scope? Your competitors MAY NOT.

Deciding how your branding will fit into a new market takes time. But now is the best time to do it and use these 5 Musts to Market Your Home Inspection Business on the Internet.

3. Socialize to Grow Your Referral Network

Now is the time to be out there talking and meeting up with agents and even other home inspectors. You may have had to turn away an agent or two when things got busy. Now is the time to reconnect and let them know you are in it for the long haul. Be sure they will come back to you.

Not all home inspectors are your competition. Once you establish a place in your local market, there is plenty of work to go around. Other home inspectors become your colleagues, and you realize it is in all your interests to work toward some common goals.

Over the last few years, it’s been next to impossible to find a time to meet up. Once the days get shorter and everyone’s business slows down, it gets easier. Make the effort and meet up. Tell your war stories, and listen to theirs. Share the struggle. Being a home inspector is unlike anything else.

4. Scale Up With a Tool Like Tap Inspect

Now that you’ve taken care of the basics to help your home inspection business succeed, it’s time to invest in solutions that will save time, boost efficiency, and help grow your business even more.

Tools like Tap Inspect let you schedule new jobs right from your phone while you are out in the field networking and inspecting. Being able to share media rich reports almost immediately after the inspection helps you stand out from the competition.

Tap Inspect Autopilot helps you scale up even more.  Automating your agreements, invoicing, and collecting online payments gives you more time to market and inspect.

Autopilot messaging sends automatic reminders and follow up messages to your clients and agents. Giving your brand the professionalism to stand out from the competition.

NEW: Autopilot Scheduled Messages

Good communication is the key to keeping your clients and agents informed throughout their home inspection process. Messaging is the primary way your clients and agents experience that communication.

This works well but it is only part of delivering an incredible experience to your clients and agents.

Why Scheduled Messages?

Client and agent messages are sent when certain events occur in the lifecycle of a job. These are events like when you confirm when you reschedule, or when the inspection results are available for the job.

Scheduled messages are different. They let you set up and send automated messages before or after many points in the lifecycle of a job.

This lets you can send reminders before the inspection and send follow-up messages afterward. Providing an end-to-end customer experience that your clients and agents will appreciate.

What does it look like and how can I use it?

A scheduled message is just like any other Autopilot message. With one exception. You can tell Tap Inspect to deliver the message before or after an event that occurs in the lifecycle of an Autopilot job. Not just when the event occurs.

You can schedule your messages to be delivered minutes, hours, days, or months before and after most events. 

Your account is set up with a few default scheduled messages but they are disabled by default. You can use these or add your own.

Get Started With Scheduled Messages

Sign into your web account and go to your Messaging settings page. This is where you can enable the default scheduled messages to start using them immediately or add new scheduled messages.

Tap on an Inspection Reminder message to open it. Enable the message and tap Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. That message will be sent the day before the Inspection Date of the next job on your schedule.

You are all set! Enable the other messages you want to send. Edit the body to fit your voice and branding and save the changes.

Your clients and agents will appreciate you keeping them informed and prepared with end-to-end communications.

NEW: Tap Inspect System Status Page

We’ve all been there. You’re working on a report or are ready to share your results with your client and you get an error. Is it just you? Is it your internet connection? Is it Tap Inspect?

Many Tap Inspectors will reach out to the support team or to the Tap Inspect Facebook group asking if there is a problem. But that takes time before you get a reply.

Why a System Status Page?

The Tap Inspect System Status Page is available to immediately view the current status of all the different Tap Inspect systems. You can also see the details of any incidents that are being worked on and that have been resolved.

Do you want to be proactively informed of any changes in the status of Tap Inspect systems? You can subscribe to the system status page to get proactively notified when an incident occurs.

What does it look like and how can I use it?

The system status page can be accessed directly from or from the footer of your web account. Each major Tap Inspect system is displayed with a color-coded graph showing the current and historical status of that system.

The Partner Services system is a little different. It is a compilation of several partner services. It can be expanded to list each of these along with the current and historical status of each.

Tap Subscribe to Updates to be proactively notified of incidents and updates as they are posted.

Bookmark or Subscribe to Stay Updated

Go to and bookmark the page. That will make it simple and easy to find when you think there may be a problem.

You can also Subscribe to Updates to stay updated on system status changes by email. Be sure to check your inbox for the email and confirm the subscription.