Branding Your Home Inspection Business: Top 5 Ways

Want to know how to better brand your business for 2015? Here's 5 tips on how to do it!

Happy New Year, home inspectors, from Tap Inspect!

Okay grant it, folks make New Years Resolutions all the time and by mid-March, the self promises are broken. However, this year, as a business owner, try to keep one promise: Better business in 2015. The best way to achieve better business this year is to brand your business even better than before. Here’s how:

1.  Attend MORE events in the home inspection industry: Despite your lack of time, try your best this year to attend more home inspection conferences, expos, meetings, etc. These type of events will help expose your home inspection business and help you brand yourself as a more involved entity in your industry. The more you show up, the more opportunities you have to mingle and discuss what your business is up to this year.

2. Recreate your home inspection business for the times: Despite how long your business has been around, it’s seriously important to keep up with new, fresh ideas to keep your business afloat. Look into creative ideas to help brand your business for the new year. See what other businesses are up to and work hard this year to refresh your brand.

3. Use your social networks to your advantage: This year, make a promise to use your online platforms to not just get followers, but engage them. Engaging your Facebook followers and responding to their questions and offering feedback will help brand your business. People don’t just want to know who you are, they want to know why you matter. Show them! Use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to communicate with more people this year.

4. Set higher goals and meet them: If you were below average meeting your goals in 2014, try harder to meet them in 2015. Work harder to show your home inspection clients that you are striving as time progresses.

5. Create time to thank and acknowledge your home inspection clients: Keep in mind why you are still in business-it’s because of your clients. Brand your business as one that acknowledges those who support you. Send thank you letters, make thank you calls and be sure to show your appreciation even more this year.








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