Field Notes: Go See a Home Before Buying It Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a bona fide nightmare house in our Field Notes feature, but this CBC News story might take the cake. Yes, we’re posting this here in part because it’s an incredible case of duping, but also because the expert interviewed here says that home inspectors recommended by real estate agents can’t be trusted. What’s your take Tap Inspectors? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Field Notes: Surf Shack Sleepaway Edition

We typically focus on the most innovative homes around the world in our Field Notes entries, but this shack-in-a-house was too good to pass up. Tim built his children surf bungalows to sleep in, all made from recycled and salvaged materials. Double points for the working doorbell and a billion kudos for the coconut phones. Check out the coolest surf shack on earth at the 1:30 mark.



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