News Home Inspectors Can Use: October Edition

* Space, sand and speakers—what doesn’t Melbourne, Florida have? The InterNACHI Florida Conference 2011 will be held there October 27-30.

* Want to add home energy training to your roster of home inspection services? Register for the ACI Home Energy Trainer Conference, held November 1-2 in Charlotte, NC.

* Speaking of InterNACHI, members can get 5% off of their next purchase at Inspector Outlet by entering the discount code “InterNACHI.”

* For a good chuckle, head over to Angie’s List’s Facebook page for a gander at the finalists for the worst bedroom contest.

* Leave it to Japan to design luxury homes for cats (and, as an after thought, people).

News Home Inspectors Can Use: September Edition

* The National Association of Home Builders has a number of cool webinars are coming up. September 13, the group will host one on how to prepare for an OSHA inspection and September 14th, NAHB gives a crash course in using Youtube for your business.

* All of your technical questions about the home inspection biz get answered at the Great Plains Fall Education Seminar Sept 16-17 in Lenexa, Kansas or the ASHI Southeastern Conference Sept 22-25 in Duluth, GA.

* Unusual homes are frequently the trickiest to inspect, which is why InterNACHI has this guide to inspecting floating homes. In the wake of Irene, there may be a few more now than there were 2 weeks ago.

* If your online presence has stagnated, never fear. Entrepreneur Magazine has a great article on 9 reasons why your site isn’t leading to sales.

* A super cool video on how to build an underground shelter out of a shipping container. Could be useful if clients ever decide to come after you.

* Want to design your own house? WikiHouse allows you to download house components from designers around the globe, construct them to your liking and order a model of your creation. A full description is available here.

News Home Inspectors Can Use

* Registration is now open for Inspection World , the who’s who of home inspectors. This year’s conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from January 4 through 7 and will include 45 education courses not to mention a boatload of networking opportunities. Registration is open from now until September 1.

* In case you missed it, former ASHI president David Tamny’s presentation at the National Healthy Homes Conference is available for download right over here.


* You know homes from the inside out, but how do you deal with the buyers? NAHI has a webinar for that .


* AOL Real Estate wonders if divorce rates can predict the housing recovery. We have our doubts.


* Inspect this – Beehive houses in Syria provide natural air conditioning . Lucky ducks.


* Regardless of what kind of trouble you encounter the rest of this month, please take comfort in the fact that at least developers in the US aren’t chasing residents from their homes with scorpions.

News Home Inspectors Can Use: July

Want to know what’s new in home inspection? We’ve got you covered:

* Now’s the time to sign up for the NAHI National Education Conference. Held September 22-25 in Cincinnati, Ohio, this year’s  home inspection conference will cover topics ranging from protecting yourself and your clients to no cost marketing.

* Where are the cheap homes? Coldwell Banker releases its list of most affordable (and outrageous) housing markets in America. If you don’t want the full list, check out AOL’s summary here.

* Sweet! InterNACHI members get 31%-88% off at OfficeMax.

* With the mass amount of natural devastation that’s occurred across the country this month, it may be time for these. Ladies and gentlemen, tornado resistant homes.

* Mark your calendars-July 21, NAHI offers a webinar on common home defects. Registration is $25 for NAHI members.

* It’s hard to feel good about the current economic climate. That’s why this story on home owners foreclosing on banks brought warmth to our hearts.

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