5 Winter Tips for Home Inspectors

Staying warm and safe can be a hassel while in the field. Here are 5 tips on how to do both this winter:

Winter is here! For some, that means an increase in morning coffee and sweaters at their cubicles. For home inspectors, that means dressing warm for the field and still managing to play it safe. A home inspector can’t be effective if he/she doesn’t dress warm enough to be comfortable for work. However, your winter gear may cause safety hazards. Here are 5 tips on how to stay warm and still play it safe in the field this winter while completing your home inspections:

1. Thermals underneath instead of layers on top: Even though thermals may remind you of grade school when your parents forced you to wear them, if you work outside in the element, thermals are an asset. Adding extra jackets and sweaters and snow suits can weigh you down. You don’t want to be warm but can’t do your job efficiently. Thermals underneath your work clothes is warm and safe.

2. Gloves, gloves, gloves: Your hands are important as you work with them out in the field all day long. Find a pair of gloves that will allow your hands to stay warm but not cause you to slow down in work. Some gloves may be too bulky to work with causing issues of perhaps dropping things or making it harder for you to climb. A pair of gloves that are insulated are the smart way to go as long as they fit your hands correctly.

3. Find the right boot: Some boots are too heavy to walk around with all day while in the field. Despite how warm they may be, your safety is on the line with boots that are extremely too bulky and heavy on your feet. Find a pair that suits your comfort and maintains your safety. You want to avoid tripping over things and be able to climb up your ladders with warm, yet comfortable boots.

4. Socks are just as important: Just as important as it is to find the right pair of working boots for the cold, it is just as important to find the right pair of socks! Find thermal socks that keep you warm. In order to stay safe, your foot gear is extremely crucial while climbing and walking around in the field.

5. Top it off with a good hat: While working in the field, your choice of hats are not all about fashion. Keep in mind that as important as it is to stay warm, you want to also maintain safety by wearing a hat that doesn’t obstruct your vision or hearing. A classic skull cap is always the way to go.

Stay warm out there, home inspectors! Just as important as it is to be comfortable during the cold season, it is even more important to stay safe!

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