Optimize the Efficiency of Your Home Inspections to Maximize Your Results

Tap Inspect Streamlines Your Inspections for Full-Time Inspectors, Ensuring Top-tier Performance

Save 1 to 2 Hours Per Inspection

With Tap Inspect’s streamlined inspection process and automated back office features, you can save significant time on each inspection. Conduct inspections more efficiently in the field and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks such as invoicing and agreements.

Collaborate in Real-Time

With Tap Inspect’s cloud-based platform, you and you team can collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location. Share inspection data, collaborate on reports, and communicate with each other instantly, facilitating better teamwork and faster completion of each inspection. 

Enhance Your Professionalism

Easily create and deliver professional, customized reports that impress your clients and agents. Present your findings in a clear, organized manner, enhancing your reputation as a trusted professional in the industry.

home inspector with clients

Grow Your Business

By leveraging Tap Inspect’s advanced features and capabilities, you can deliver higher-quality inspections and reports to your clients and their agents. Enhancing client satisfaction, strengthens relationships, and fosters repeat business and referrals.

Trusted in Over 1 Million Home Inspections

Inspection Tech
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Tap Inspect saves us one to two hours of work on every inspection because we do not have to upload photos, cut-copy-paste anything, convert to PDF, or attach anything to an email to send out our inspection reports.
ServiceUSA Home Inspections
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“Tap Inspect lets us team up to complete the report and email it to the client and Realtor before leaving the property. No wasted time going back to the office. We get to go home to spend time with our families. Word has spread around that there is no waiting for our reports like with other home inspectors.”
5 Star Reviews
5 Star Reviews
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“Michael and his support are second to none! The software keeps getting better all the time.”

“I have spoken with Michael and have been completely satisfied on all occasions with his sincere desire to create a product that was both completely useful and cost effective.”

“Michael and his team listen to all recommendations and do a great job implementing the app with updates.”

Choose The Right Plan To Fit Your Business

Home inspectors routinely save 1-2 hours per inspection when they use to Tap Inspect. Since launching in 2010, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback and built a loyal community of inspectors who haven’t looked back since switching to our mobile app. As home inspectors, we understand the different challenges you face so we structured these plans to be flexible and based on your inspection volume.

Pay as You Go

The perfect plan for most new and part time inspectors who can’t afford a monthly subscription or don’t want to spend money on desktop software that wastes time.
$ 7
50 /Per Job
  • Sold in blocks of 20 for $150

Unlimited Plan

Full time home inspectors can use our monthly plan to save 1-2 hours per inspection and bring down their cost per inspection to only $3-4.
$ 90
/Per Month
  • 50% off Pay as You Go

Inspection Team

Streamline your report writing process by switching your entire team to Tap Inspect to save time and immediately send clients the report at the end of their inspection.
$ 45
/ per user
  • $90/mo + $45 per inspector

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tap Inspect uses a unique and innovative platform based on the idea of a single Saved Comments library that is available in every report you create. This is not compatible with older generation home inspection reporting but we can help you make the transition.

Tap Inspect provides several default templates that cover the most common types of inspections. Home Inspection, Multi-Family Inspection, and Commercial Inspection. Other types of inspections can easily be done by duplicating one of our default templates and modifying it to your reporting needs.

Tap Inspect is more than just a home inspection reporting app. Autopilot is included with your Tap Insepct account at no additional cost and provides the ability to invoice, require payment, enforce signatures of your agreements, send reminders and more. Everything you need to run and grow a home inspection business in one.

It’s not uncommon to inspect the same types of homes with the same foundations, exteriors, and roofing over and over. Tap Inspect lets you set and save the inspection items in your templates so each new report is partially completed when it is created.

The Tap Inspect Client Portal is designed to provide a one stop solution for all things related to your inspection of a property. Autopilot builds on the report writing features of Tap Inspect to help you run your entire business from your phone in the field.

Tap Inspect is designed to let multiple people use the mobile app on different devices at the same time. This lets you train a helper and co-inspect on larger properties. No need to merge reports. You are working on the same report at the same time. As your helper gains experience you can grow your business with Tap Inspect and upgrade to a Team plan so you can send them out on their own.

Although it is uncommon for technical issues to pop up, they can happen. Tap Inspect is built with multiple redundancy levels, making it incredibly uncommon to have a critical issue. Most issues can be resolved by manually synchronizing or restarting the mobile app.

The support team monitors for any support requests that could be a critical issue and jumps in to help even outside posted assisted support hours.

Tap Inspect is continuously being updated and improved. We do our best to let everyone know via email, blog posts, and with in-app notifications when there are new features or improvements. Many changes are under the hood and may go unnoticed. When new features are released you can be assured you will have all the help you need to get the most from them.