Expire Your Report Invitations in Tap Inspect

Not everyone wants their reports to be available forever. You can always read any of your old reports but maybe you want to set a time limit on your invitations.

Invitations Don’t Have to Be Forever

When your reports are published by Tap Inspect we send an invitation email on your behalf. The invitation has a special link that your client or their agent clicks to view the pickup page and then to view their report.

Up until recently, those links worked forever, unless we manually expired them at your request.

Set Your Invite to Expire

We have added the ability to set the expiration to any number of months or years from the time you published your reports. Take a look at this handy howto article showing how.


    1. Jess,

      We had talked about “Days” option. It seemed pretty harsh to tell a client they only had a few days to get their report or they will no longer have access. I would hate to need to republish every report when the client didn’t pick it up immediately.

      I wonder if others would want a Days option as well?

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