How Home Inspector Gary is Building a National Presence

Gary Smith of Safehome Inspections

About 18 months ago, we profiled home inspector Gary Smith who is currently using location-based programs like Facebookcheck-ins to drum up local business. You can read about his unique strategy right over here. Now he’s taking it it up a notch. Smith, the owner of SafeHome Inspections in Ridgeland, Mississippi, is now turning his attention to mobilizing home inspectors in a way that helps them boost business. This past [month], Smith launched, a website and Google Plus hangout where home inspectors can get the latest inspection news and talk shop. A benefit to becoming a part

of Smith’s community is that it could boost your Google ranking in the process.

“If inspectors are looking for support, this is a great way to garner some base support, to come in and ask questions,” Smith says. “…if an inspector is looking for a way to grow his social place, his ranking, Google Plus is a good place.”

That last part is crucial. Google has long been the most widely used search engine in the world. According to Comscore, the site garners about 1.87 trillion searches per year—that’s 5.1 billion searches per day—meaning that it’s probably where your future clients are heading to research your company. Unlike some other social media sites, Google Plus content gets indexed and appears in Google searches. Establishing a regular presence on a site like Google Plus can help boost your ranking and connect you with those who are searching for home inspectors in your area faster.

“I think any time you are able to grow your work and spread your brand, it can’t hurt,” says Smith.

In order to build his brand and connect with like-minded inspectors, Smith also operates several other social media hubs including a robust Facebook group and ASHI Home Inspectors, a LinkedIN forum with approximately 2,500 members. Smith is quick to note that although he is an ASHI-certified inspector, the forum is not linked to the American Society of Home Inspectors. He says that reaching out to those in his profession has helped him pick up tricks of the trade from the best in his field and take his inspection business to the next level.

“It’s helped me understand and make friends, support-wise, with other inspectors,” he says. “Knowing more protects me and allows me to do a better job in the marketplace.”


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