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We Help Home Inspectors Save 1-2 Hours per Inspection

Don’t waste time writing reports after the inspection, use Tap Inspect to easily complete effective reports while you’re performing the home inspection. Take control of your business and save 10 hours per week by switching to our streamlined mobile app.


Use Our iPhone & iPad App to Complete Your Report at the Inspection

Perform, customize, and publish home inspection reports straight from your iPhone or iPad. With Tap Inspect, you can save 1-2 hours per job by creating your report as you’re doing the inspection and publish it before leaving the job site.
No more late nights and weekends spent writing less effective home inspection reports.


Select Inspection Template

With the tap of a finger you can start an inspection with a default or customized template that you can further personalize on-site during the inspection.


Add Photos & Comments

Capture photos and add markup with circles & arrows directly within Tap Inspect and share your most popular or custom comments to complete the report on-site.


Deliver Inspection Report

Your clients won’t need to wait days for the report because we automatically send them an email to a personalized webpage where they can save, print or forward their PDF.

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Built by Home Inspectors Who Understand What Matters

After constantly being let down by other services that are difficult to learn how to use, ultimately cost hours every inspection, and are too expensive for less established inspectors, we decided to translate generations of home inspection experience into building the report writing software that we wanted to use for our own inspections.

Easy to Learn & Use

Our mobile app is completely streamlined without the bloated features in desktop software and we have demo videos that will quickly get you up to speed using our app.

Effective Reports

Homeowners don’t want a 100 page report that contains unhelpful information. Our reports are structured to quickly communicate the info they need most.

Reliable Support

We use Tap Inspect every day on inspections, but if you encounter any problems you have direct access to Michael and our developer cofounder Jason can quickly push updates.


Trusted in Over 1 Million Home Inspections

“Tap Inspect saves us one to two hours of work on every inspection because we do not have to upload photos, cut-copy-paste anything, convert to PDF, or attach anything to an email to send out our inspection reports. Tap Inspect does all of that work automatically.”


Aaron Westerburg
Inspection Tech
“Tap Inspect lets us team up to complete the report and email it to the client and Realtor before leaving the property. No wasted time going back to the office. We get to go home to spend time with our families. Word has spread around that there is no waiting for our reports like with other home inspectors.”


Ray & Sheila
ServiceUSA Home Inspections

“Michael and his support are second to none! The software keeps getting better all the time.”

“I have spoken with Michael and have been completely satisfied on all occasions with his sincere desire to create a product that was both completely useful and cost effective.”

“Michael and his team listen to all recommendations and do a great job implementing the app with updates.”

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