Handling Bad Reviews of Your Home Inspection Business

Ever received a bad review about your business? Don't be embarrassed, take it as a chance to advance your business. Here's how:

Check_BadFace it, all reviews of your home inspection business may not be great reviews. Some former home inspection clients may have been unsatisfied with your services and may spread the word about that. Be it a bad review posted on your website or a bad review via word of mouth, there are positive ways to handle negative news about your inspection business. Here’s how:

1. Find the source of the review: Do some backtracking and investigate the source of any bad review. Discovering the source of a bad review helps you understand what may have went wrong and how the client could have been justified for their complaint.

2. Address bad reviews: Once you find the source of your bad review, be brave enough to confront the issue. There are several ways in doing this. You can actually respond to that client directly or you can post a general statement online regarding the complaints. This will show a great sense of professionalism.

3. Track your reviews and document them: Depending on how you receive reviews, will be a great determinant of how you track and document them. Keep in mind that most people with bad reviews look to post their complaints online. This is a quick and convenient way to review any business, especially those with a website. Track online responses and document them as a way to measure future success based off of bad reviews.

4. This is business, don’t take it personal: Accept and respect bad reviews. Always reach to make your inspection clients satisfied but understand that every single client may not be satisfied. Use any bad reviews to strengthen your business and don’t take them as personal attacks.

Winners sometimes lose. And in business,  a loss can be a potential win. Understand that a bad review of your home inspection business does not equal a loss in your business. Take bad reviews and be cognizant of how they can benefit your business.

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