iPhone/iPad Tip of the Month: Home Inspectors Take Note

One of the cooler features the iPhone and iPad offer is the ability to dictate notes which, in turn, get translated into text. The fastest and easiest way to eliminate the time spent inputting comments, the Siri dictation function is a gem for home inspectors on the go. The first step to using dictation is to make sure it’s turned on. Head to “Settings,” then scroll down to “General.” Tap the “Siri” option and make sure that Siri is both enabled and that the language is set to English.

Now head to your latest home inspection. Open Tap Inspect, open a report, and tap on any place you would normally go to leave a comment. Instead of typing in your comment, tap the microphone button in the bottom left of the screen and say your comment aloud. Siri will turn your dictation into a written comment and voila! Time is saved, comments are written, and all is better with the world. Siri doesn’t nail dictation 100 percent accurately every time, so it pays to review your comment to make sure it’s exactly what you mean.

Take a look at this older video. The narrator talks about the iPhone 4S but the Siri tricks still work like a charm.


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