Leaves are Ready to Fall, Change is in the Air

The kids head back to school and the weather begins to change this time every year. After being a home inspector for 15 years, I know business will also begin to slow. After four or five months of doing three inspections a day, working until 8:00 PM and far too many Saturdays, I am usually ready for it.

That doesn’t mean it’s time to just sit around. Since releasing the template editing features of Tap Inspect in April, we have concentrated on fixing problems that have cropped up and put off any major updates. This has been on purpose. The last thing we wanted to do was to make any big changes to Tap Inspect when you needed it the most to keep up with incoming business. We understand the home inspection business because we are in it too.

Our most recent update is waiting for Apple approval and contains several new default templates that may make it easier for you to customize the app to your way of doing inspections. We are constantly amazed at how flexible our reporting system can be and love it when people find ways that we never thought of to use Tap Inspect.

As we ramp up to releasing the new features of Tap Inspect, we want to hear from you. We have our own wish list of features we’d like to include in future editions, but we want to make sure we’re serving your needs as well as possible. Specifically we’re interested in:

What were you expecting when you downloaded Tap Inspect?
Did we live up to your expectation?
What is the number one thing you would like to see changed or added to Tap Inspect?
Where can we improve the most?

No silly surveys here. We want to know what you really think in your own words. Just drop us an email at info@tapinspect.com and don’t worry about hurting our feelings. We are home inspectors and have a thick skin. Thank you so much for your time and help.

~ Michael Wirth, Co-Founder of Tap Inspect

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