News Home Inspectors Can Use: April 2013

Here’s what’s going on in the near future for home inspectors:Ā 


* Head south to theĀ TAREI 2013 spring conferenceĀ April 12 through 13 in San Antonio, Texas. Featuring workshops on septic inspections, commercial building inspections, solar panels, tile roofing, drywall and everything in between, this conference is a must for anyone in the real estate fields.


* Vegas baby! Or the next best thing. Ā TheĀ 2013 Atlantic City “Get Certified” Inspection conferenceĀ hits shores April 22 through 24 (Certification classes run through the 26th). Classes range from infrared training to plumbing safety to water intrusion forensic investigations. A full listĀ is available here.


* If you’re aim is for Vegas, we can give you the next closest thing. The American Institute of Inspectors kicks off theirĀ spring conferenceĀ in Reno April 19 through 21. A full schedule is available onlineĀ right over here.


* Looking even further ahead, theĀ ACI Home Energy Leadership SummitĀ is scheduled for April 29 through 30 in Denver, Colorado.

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