News Home Inspectors Can Use: October Edition

* Space, sand and speakers—what doesn’t Melbourne, Florida have? The InterNACHI Florida Conference 2011 will be held there October 27-30.

* Want to add home energy training to your roster of home inspection services? Register for the ACI Home Energy Trainer Conference, held November 1-2 in Charlotte, NC.

* Speaking of InterNACHI, members can get 5% off of their next purchase at Inspector Outlet by entering the discount code “InterNACHI.”

* For a good chuckle, head over to Angie’s List’s Facebook page for a gander at the finalists for the worst bedroom contest.

* Leave it to Japan to design luxury homes for cats (and, as an after thought, people).


  1. Environmental Solutions Assn took my money & I have rec’d nothiing in return but offers for THEM to make more money. No referrals after 8 months. They sold me a 1027 Sun. I researched & found out it was FOURTEEN yrs old and worthless. They did not want to return my money. I got some of it back. Lookout for ESA!

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