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We are always looking to help more home inspectors save time and see what is possible with Tap Inspect. Our growth has been driven by word of mouth and we could not be prouder. That’s why we are announcing our Earn $60, Give $60 referral program.

How Does it Work

Invite a friend and if they end up subscribing you both get $60. Its as simple as that.

Open the Earn $60, Give $60 screen in the Tap Inspect app or from your web account. Just enter their email address  and we send them an invitation to sign up for the free trial. They will get all the same help and support we are known for. No obligation or hard sales pitches involved.

Earn by Giving

Share the love. If you know someone that may like Tap Inspect send them an invite. If someone is amazed how easy it is for you to finish your reports send them an invite.

When they subscribe to Tap Inspect they will get a $60 discount on their initial subscription. You will also get a $60 credit on your next Pay As You Go recharge or a free month if you are an Unlimited monthly subscriber.

Start Sharing and Earning

There is no limit to the number of invitations you can send and they do not expire. Your code can be used by up to 30 new subscribers. Send as many as you like and let other home inspectors know there is a faster way to finish their reports.


  1. “When a house has a sloped roof and horizontal ceilings, there is going to be some dead space between the ceiling and the roof, otherwise known as the attic.” GREAT, except my home does not have an attic. There is no horizontal ceiling in the upstairs of my home. A home inspector in my area reported that I didn’t have attic access. I DO have an access panel between first and second floors; as well as, stair case from first to second floor; as well as, access panels for HVAC and plumbing upstairs.

    I was angry at them, but it makes me wonder, was it that the Home Inspector was just not experienced enough to know about Scissor Trusses, or does your system not have a “No Attic” in the drop-down option box to choose from?

    Real estate market is tough right now in my area, and while important things DO need to be found for Sellers and Buyers, incorrect information can hurt and scare away a buyer for someone too. Thanks

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