5 Free Business Tools For Home Inspectors

* Accept cash and credit card payments in the field from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Square. The app is free and doesn’t require a monthly contract or fee, but you’ll pay 2.75 percent of each sale from Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express to use it.

* Ever wondered if you could make more money by relocating? Payscale’s Salary Calculator can estimate what home inspectors in different regions of the country are bringing in.

* Making verbal notes is as easy as pressing play. With iTalk Recorder‘s free app, inspectors can record thoughts on a particular house and e-mail it to themselves for review later.

* Need to find that perfect spot to publish your Tap Inspect inspections? Wi-Fi Finder is here to help. This free app locates both free and paid wi-fi connections in more than 140 countries worldwide.

* Forget paying fancy hotel prices when you’re hitting up the conference circuit. Airbnb.com connects travelers with vacation rentals, private condos and even apartment shares for prices that are usually far lower than what hotels charge.

5 Free Tools For Home Inspectors

* Talk about useful. InterNACHI’s free home inspection fee calculator computes your fee based on your rate, miles traveled, the age and size of the home. Awesome!

* Find out how contaminated your next client’s home is for no charge. For a limited time, Environmental Issues Report is giving away one free report that tracks environmental problems in your area.

* Gas can vary by up to 50 cents per gallon in your area. Get the cheapest price by heading to Gasbuddy.com or downloading their app.

* No more searching for scraps of paper to jot your number down on. With Bump, iPhone and Android users can exchange invoices, contact information or notes just by holding your phones close together.

* Keep a running tab of your business expenses, track your spending and record your miles with one step. The Expensify keeps track of money going out so that you don’t have to.