June 2012 News Home Inspectors Can Use

What’s going on in the world of home inspection:

* InterNACHI is taking over the world one city at a time. TheĀ Inspector Marketing TourĀ focuses on helping home inspectors effectively market and promote their businesses. The best part is, it’s free (sort of). The $99 entry fee buys you a $99 voucher for home inspection products, services or InterNACHI membership.Ā The tourĀ kicks off in Wichita, Kansas on August 13.
* If you’re looking for a more tropical way to bone up on those continuing education credits, look to the islands. TheĀ Puerto Rico Home Inspection Semmer [sic] JamboreeĀ happens on June 23.
* Affordable Comfort, Inc. (ACI) has a veritable boatload of conferences happening throughout the year. TheĀ 2012 ACI California Home Performance ConferenceĀ kicks off June 5 through 6 in Sacramento.Ā SessionsĀ range from panels on retrofitting single family homes to how to successfully talk to clients. A double bonus is that a limited number ofĀ scholarshipsĀ are available. If you can’t make it in June, don’t sweat it. TheĀ ACI Mid-Atlantic Home Performance ConferenceĀ kicks off in October.
* If you’re still some continuing education credits short, theĀ North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector AssociationĀ can hook you up. The group offers three separate continuing ed opportunities in Asheville July 27-28, New Bern August 17-18 and Greensboro August 24-25.Ā Early birds who register in advanceĀ get a sweet discount.

* If you missed the Atlantic City Inspection Conference this past weekend, don’t sweat it. TheĀ 2012 Pittsburgh Inspection ConferenceĀ running from September 7 through 9 is now registering attendees.

* Our Communications Director is a little obsessed with homes overrun by snakes.Ā This storyĀ has given her nightmares all week long.