NEW: Update to Modern App Experience

Welcome to version 7 of the Tap Inspect mobile app. This update to the modern app experience has been in the works for a while and is now available. It gets us closer to our goal of making it even easier to run your home inspection business from your phone or tablet. While still providing the same simple-to-use and easy-to-learn reporting system.

New Jobs Dashboard

The new Jobs Dashboard makes it easier to find openings in your schedule and book new jobs while you are on the go.

Improved status indicators allow you to see your availability at a glance in the new Day View and Month View of your schedule. Not just if you have a job but what part of the day is still open.

The interactive Maps View shows you the location of each inspection for the day so you can see how much travel you will be doing. Tap on a pin for more information about the job.

Book Jobs on the Go

Book a new job by tapping an open slot in the Day View of your schedule to grab that slot for a client while you are still on the phone. Or tap the plus to start a new job and choose any date or time.

We have added the most common inspection slots for you, but you can customize them to fit your business and your unique schedule. This makes it easier than ever to schedule a new job by tapping an open slot to book it and helps keep track of your availability.

More Legacy and a Few New Features

This update has multiple synchronization fixes and lots of small UI improvements. Plus, more legacy features have been re-introduced, getting us closer to closer full feature parity with the legacy app experience.

  • It’s now possible to copy a full report from another job into the current job.
  • Added the ability to import report data from a report in another job into the current report.
  • When modifying the text of a saved comment, you can now create a new saved comment from your changes in addition to updating the original.
  • Added the ability to specify a custom condition rating for an individual item.
  • Added the missing option to edit the report footer from the report options screen.
  • Added the option to send a text message in addition to making a phone call when clicking on a person’s phone number in the schedule tab.

What’s Next

This is a big update for Tap Inspect and is the result of rebuilding much of the underlying tech of the mobile app. 

With this update done, we are able to return to a more frequent update cycle of the mobile app so we can get bug fixes and new features out in a more timely way.

We will continue to support the legacy app experience, but you will need to have iOS 13 or greater to install this and future updates to the mobile app.

NEW: Tap Inspect Modern App Experience

Tap Inspect 6.0 is here, and it contains both a new and improved app experience and the legacy experience you have been using.

The Tap Inspect mobile app has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new modern interface, hi-res photos, HTML reports, and more.

We have been working for years to make these improvements. We’re only getting started on building a better inspection experience.

More than likely, you have already installed Tap Inspect 6.0 and do not even know it.

Don’t worry! The new interface is invitation-only as we continue to add new features and enhancements. You can stay with the legacy interface for a bit longer if you like.

New Modern Interface

The main screen is now a calendar to help you quickly see what you have going on today, tomorrow, and next week.

All of your templates, reports, and saved comments are still there, and the report writing workflow has not changed. The new improvements will not slow you down.

Go into a Job, and you can see a lot more information than the legacy app experience provides. If you have been using Autopilot or your web account to schedule new jobs, this will look very familiar.

There is notes feed just like in your web account. Autopilot Agreements and Invoices are also now visible in the mobile app.

Custom Comment Types

Your Saved Comments are available and still have the same Deficiency and Informational comment types as they always have. With the modern app experience, you can take advantage of custom comment types.

Define as many different comment types as you need to report your findings. Flag the comment types you want to be displayed on the report summary. Comment icons have been replaced with color-coding to let you use as many different comment types as you like.

Hi-Res Photos with HTML Reports

Your clients and their agents experience your work through Messaging and the Client Portal. We have migrated most of your Report Publishing settings to make your transition from the legacy to the modern experience as painless as possible.

With the modern experience, your clients and agents view your Reports as an HTML web page. They can also download the full report as a PDF or just the report summary if they want to keep a copy for their records.

The HTML web report will provide options for customization and rich content delivery to your clients. Click on any image to view the full hi-res image on the web.

The new custom comment types let you share a filterable report summary to make digesting long inspection reports easier for your client and their agents.

Team Features

One of the most significant parts of building the new app experience has been to make it easier for you to manage your inspection team from your device while everyone is out in the field.

There are quite a few multi-inspector Team specific improvements to the modern app experience.

  • Shared Team Templates
  • Edit Team Jobs from the mobile app
  • Assign or reassign jobs from the mobile app.
  • Co-inspect the same job from your own account.

We believe that these updates will make it more and more possible to run your entire inspection business from your phone. Managing your team of inspectors is just a small part of that. We think you will be amazed at what we have on the drawing board.

Get the Modern Experience Today

We’re excited about the opportunities the new mobile app has given us. We’re only getting started on building a better inspection experience from here.

When you are ready to take the leap, take a moment to review the Getting Started Guide. Once you have verified your account is eligible, contact support to verify you are eligible for the modern experience, and they will help you make the change.