NEW: Advanced Tap Inspect Topics Course

The Advanced Tap Inspect Topics course is now available in Tap Inspect Academy. This course guides you, step-by-step, on the best practices to make Tap Inspect your own without spending hours reading tutorials or trying to do it on your own by trial and error.

Go Beyond Just Mastering the Basics

Advanced Tap Inspect Topics go beyond the basics of creating and sharing your inspection results covered in the Master the Basics of Tap Inspect course in Tap Inspect Academy. This course dives deeper into the best practices of how to make Tap Inspect your own.

Tailor Your Templates to Fit Your Business

The course starts by showing you how to tailor your templates to fit your personal style of reporting. By the end of the section, you’ll be able to make the default templates your own by customizing them to fit how you inspect.

Unlock the Power of Your Saved Comments

Next, we’ll help you unlock the power of your saved comments to save you time in the field. You’ll learn how your saved comments work and some of the best practices that make them the key to speed and efficiency when reporting.

Dial In Your Client’s Experience

A memorable and personalized client experience is key to showing your professionalism as a home inspector. In this section of the course, we focus on how to curate your client portal and your messaging to fit your brand and your voice for everyone who views your reports.

And More …

To close out the course, we’ll cover some advanced company information and tools like your Tap Inspect Contacts, Job Roles, and a couple of other account tools.

Are you ready to customize Tap Inspect to fit your brand and voice? The Advanced Tap Inspect Topics course can guide you step-by-step.

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How to save 15 to 20 minutes per home inspection report on the Tap Inspect app

We are always trying to find ways to help home inspectors be more efficient and to finish reports a little quicker here at Tap Inspect. We have added the ability to save the values of your home inspection report in your template.

That means, the next time you start a new report from that template, it will already be filled out for you. Every text box, multiple choice option, condition rating can be pre-selected or already filled out when you start a new report. Exactly how much information is saved in the template is entirely up to you.

Pretty cool huh? So let’s get started and see how it works.

Open a report that is a good representation of a typical home inspection and is mostly complete and pretty generic.

On the Perform Inspection screen, tap on the Edit Fields button and then tap on Report Options.

At the bottom of the report options screen tap on Save As A Template.

The Tap Inspect app asks if you want to Overwrite This Template or Save As A New Template. Let’s save as a new template, name it ‘My Inspection Completed’ and hit the back button.

Now you are asked if you want to ‘Keep Values?’.

Do you want to keep the stuff you have already recorded in the report with the template or just save it as a blank template with all the entered values cleared? We want a completed template with the values so we say ‘Yes’.

Great! We are all done!

Now close this home inspection report and create a new one from the template you just created. Back on the New Inspection Screen you will see your new template. Tap on that to start a new report and you will see the report already has a bunch of information already selected and recorded.

Maybe there is more stuff saved than you really want. No problem. Just clear out those items or conditions and save this report as a template again.

Tap on Edit Fields, go into Report Options and tap on Save As A Template. This time though we want to update our template by overwriting it instead of creating another template.

You can keep repeating this process to fine tune and make changes to what information is or is not saved in your template over time. Make some changes see if it works in the real world and make more.

As time goes by you will be spending 15-20 minutes less time on each report by not having to select the same options over and over.

Give it a try and let us know how it works by leaving comments here or on Facebook. We would love to hear from our home inspectors.