Tap Inspect For the iOS 6: Information for Home Inspectors

Tap Inspect for the iOS 6 is here! Along with updating our program for the iPhone 5, Tap Inspect version 3.1 also includes several new features for all versions of the iPhone that make the home inspecting process simpler. Here’s what we’ve added:

* Greater control over the Report Summary
Home inspectors can now choose if they want the summary to come in the beginning or end of the report. You can also choose to remove it entirely.

* Smoother report formatting
We’ve improved how sections and comments that span page breaks will appear in your PDF reports. No more awkward page jumps.

* Faster upload times
We’ve reduced the time it takes to upload photos by about 20 percent. With Tap Inspect 3.1 will also be easier on your data plan.

* Better report organization
In the “My Reports” section, we’ve added information on what type of inspection each report is. This will make it easier to quickly find the report you’re looking for.

We hope that these changes make your home inspection business run a little smoother. If you have any questions or would like any help navigating through the new Tap Inspect changes, feel free to contact us at info@tapinspect or at our customer help line at 502-414-1440. Thank you for using Tap Inspect in your home inspection business.

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