The Busy Season is No Time for Inspectors to Forget Safety

It’s that time of year again, home inspectors! You know, the spring and summer months, better known as the busy season. As fast and as plentiful as the work comes, be sure  to practice safety on the job! It is critical to maintain safety precautions while on  an inspection. Tap Inspect wants you to know the importance of safety and how to practice safety during inspections. It is very important that you not only worry about your safety, but that you also do whatever it takes to keep your clients safe.

Here’s how:

Ladder Safety: Incorrectly using a ladder is the biggest cause of injuries during  home inspections. When using a ladder, always be safe and move carefully. Be sure to inspect your actual ladder prior to any job to reassure that it is in working condition. Use careful judgment of your space when setting up your ladder. Carefully set up in your working space and climb up and down your ladder cautiously. If working with a partner, ask that your partner hold the ladder steady as you climb up and down to secure safety.

Safety Clothing & Equipment: Always remember to wear personal protection equipment such as safety glasses, facemasks and hard hats. These things help avoid injuries during inspections. Wearing this equipment correctly is also very important. Therefore, if the unexpected should occur, you are safely prepared with the correct safety clothing and equipment. Evaluate the working conditions and the actual task at hand prior to deciding on which safety clothing items and equipment is necessary.

Confined Spaces: When working in a confined space, use the space to your advantage and be safe as possible. Understand how to use a pull-down ladder in confined working spaces without striking anyone or anything with your ladder. Be aware of unseen hazards during inspections while working in confined spaces. Smaller spaces can be more of a challenge to maneuver so move slowly and remain patient during your inspections.

So there you have it, home inspectors! Whether you’re new on the job or you’re a seasoned vet in the field, practicing safety is 100% necessary. Understand that during your inspections, the unexpected should be expected so be prepared and be safe! Buckle up your tool belts and tip your hard hats. It’s time for summer. Happy Tap Inspecting!

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