Top 5 Online Hubs for Home Inspectors

If you’re feeling confused, flustered or aggravated by some aspect of your home inspection business, you’re not alone. These five resources are godsends for both new and seasoned home inspectors. In addition to getting answers to your questions, these online hotspots will connect you with other inspectors and keep you up to date on the latest news in the industry. Get your bookmarks ready. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. InspectionNews

There’s a reason that 1.5 million visitors have flocked to this site. Jam packed with info on virtually any and everything that’s happening in the home inspection industry, this free site’s primary strength lies in its active readership. If you need a little help getting started,¬†head straight to this post.

2. American Society of Home Inspectors

It’s no surprise that ASHI makes our list thanks to their active membership, timely news posts and primary research on home buyers and inspectors. ASHI also gets our e-kudos because they want to help you find and retain clients. On top of providing easy-to-reach¬†Standards of Practice¬†and¬†State Regulations, the organization also offers a list of¬†continuing education and training institutions¬†as well as an¬†inspector search engine¬†that can help clients find you. Even inspectors who aren’t ASHI members can benefit from the site’s comprehensive resources.

3. Joe Ferry

Ferry’s site is a veritable explosion of info on the legal aspects of home inspecting. A lawyer who specializes in home inspection cases, Ferry produces article after article designed to help protect inspectors should they run into trouble. This site covers everything from¬†arbitrations¬†to¬†inspection agreements. Ferry’s great about answering questions from the crowd,¬†even ours.

4. InterNACHI

When it comes to info on how to do what you do, InterNACHI is tops. The organization’s site offers¬†updates on the latest news,¬†active forums¬†for questions and debate and¬†a solid home inspection blog¬†that anyone can access regardless whether they’re an InterNACHI member. Like ASHI, members can also list their businesses in InterNACHI’s inspector search engine to drum up clients too.

5.¬†Tap Inspect’s Blog

We may not be the biggest home inspection site out there, but we do provide tons of original articles that offer insider knowledge on the ins and outs of inspections. Plus our blog has one of the biggest collections of interviews with working inspectors available on the web. Happy surfing!



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