Top Five Field Notes Flubs From 2011

Welcome to 2012, home inspectors! May the year bring booming business, interesting jobs and clients that keep coming back for more. To bid 2011 adieu in style, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the funniest home inspection disasters we found on the world wide web this year.

Honorable Mention: This entry isn’t funny so much as it simply puts life into perspective. No matter how bad a job is,  home inspectors, at least the real estate company won’t intentionally release scorpions on you. Additionally, a sad trombone extends to the writer who chose the headline “Sting Operation” to accompany that story. On to brighter subjects:

#5: It’s hard to pick precisely which of the electrical catastrophes featured in this video posted by Seansy59 is the most terrifying, so we’ll just show them all:


#4: Creaky attics, dank basements, scary crawl spaces…they’ve got nothing on this car. Even though you won’t have to look under the hood during a home inspection, this video is a freaky reminder that you never really know what’s lurking in those dark spots:


#3: What’s going on in that bathroom? IHI Home Inspections in Atlanta discovers one of the most…[cough]…creative ways to heat a bathroom:


#2: Atlanta home inspector Anthony Martin spots a frightening hiding spot for a TV antennae:


#1: Leave it to Australia to turn housing calamities into a competition. Every year Reece, an Aussie bathroom and plumbing supply company, hosts a contest to spot the biggest DIY plumbing disasters in the country. While the still shots of last year’s winners are impressive, this video of 2010 flubs takes the cake:

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