How I Use Tap Inspect with HomeBinder

I have been using HomeBinder in my home inspection business. My clients have really liked the idea and seem to appreciate the free lifetime subscription I give them.

Since getting started, I have picked up a few best practices that I wanted to pass along. They should make it incredibly easy to use Tap Inspect along with HomeBinder. You can provide a little extra value to your clients without it taking any more time or effort.

What is HomeBinder?

HomeBinder gives homeowners a place to manage their home maintenance needs. They also provide a few other features like recall checks of appliances and equipment. HomeBinder will also send maintenance reminders that you can pre-setup.

Once you create a HomeBinder account as a home inspector, you can setup a template with all the reminders you want your clients to get. You can even add a list of contractors you trust and provide documents like a flyer or maintenance guide.

Create a HomeBinder from Tap Inspect

We tried to make getting set up as simple as possible. After you set up the HomeBinder integration, it shows up in the app just like the client or agents. When you publish your report, it gets published to HomeBinder too.

We put together a guide to help you get set up.

Update your Invitation Email

At the end of my inspections I have been telling my clients about HomeBinder. Then I say to keep an eye out for an email from them in a few days. It seemed a lot simpler to update my invitation email with the same info.

Invite Email
I think this has worked pretty well. It reminds my client what to expect and also lets them get a little more information before the binder arrives. I also like the idea that their agent sees the same invitation so they know about the gift.

Auto Transfer Your Binders

My goal is to get the HomeBinder into my client’s hands while they are still thinking about the home inspection. I think they are more likely to engage if they are still thinking about the inspection. HomeBinder has a setting to let you do it automatically.

There are two important things to keep in mind. First, once you transfer a binder you can not edit it again. Second, once you publish your Tap Inspect report to HomeBinder, you have to manually update HomeBinder with the new PDF if you re-publish the report.

The default HomeBinder Binder Transfer/Share Delay (in hours) setting is 5 hours. I changed it to 72 hours, or 3 days. That gives me plenty of time to update the report PDF if I needed to make any changes.

Remind Your Client to Enter Appliance Info

I am not a fan of typing or long checklists. That includes recording any serial or model numbers in my home inspection reports. Why not ask the client to enter them? In my HomeBinder template I have added a Maintenance Item to remind them 60 days after the binder gets created.

My thinking is that not everyone will find value in the recall checks and notifications. If my client does see the value they will not mind entering the information. By entering the information, they will use HomeBinder and hopefully explore a little more.


  1. I find the value of adding Model Numbers only as a fast, easy customer service issue for my clients. Additionally, by putting this in to the report (and HomeBinder) often gets a recall hit immediately. By adding this info for the client, it increases the likelihood they will use HB. It would very convienent if there was a field under a standard appliance heading which would include make and model number which would transfer in to HB. Since HB is web-based, I can’t enter the data on a job site without an internet connection (in rural Colorado, this is a real issue). Additionally, having the ability to automatically transfer the data to HB keeps me from having to record it twice.

    I tried copying the recorded model numbers from your published report in to HB. This failed. It was a hassle going back into the “Conduct Inspection” mode to actually copy the numbers.

    I’m impressed with both your product and HB. I think you made a wise decision to integrate your program with this product.

    1. Hey Dan,

      I have had no problem copying and pasting text from the published PDF report to HomeBinder. It seems to work on my iPad from the web based PDF viewer, Adobe Acrobat, as well as from inside my Chrome browser on my laptop.

      Send us a support request and we should be able to help you figure out what is happening.

  2. I was trying it on my iPad Pro. I looked like something pasted in, but no numbers were visible. Could be the text was white on a white background in HomeBinder. I didn’t explore or troubleshoot the issue – merely didn’t see text. I will try again.

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