What We’re Reading: Good Reads for Home Inspectors

At Tap Inspect, our media team takes in much more than we have space to feature. Here’s are the most pragmatic and interesting stories we’ve read this month:

* Home Inspection Robots? — These little guys can get into crawl spaces, squeeze into tight corners and generally go places the average human body can’t. “Roboinspectors” have long been in use in Texas and a few other states and are primarily designed to take care of the darker, more dangerous parts of problem structures instead of replacing inspectors entirely. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this technology.


* Surprising Data on Where to Find Your Most Valuable Customers — There’s a lot of media out there about potential avenues where entrepreneurs can invest their time, but relatively little about how to cut through the time clutter and focus on what’s actually yielding results. This Inc. article looks at what’s working among methods of online and social media advertising.


* You Love Your Phone, Literally. — This New York Times article came out in 2011, but our communications director re-read it this week and insisted that we include it in our monthly round-up. This article explores how the brain reacts to technology in similar ways that it does to real human emotion. It’s awesome and creepy at the same time.


* Principals for Responsible Media Moguls — Don’t be deterred by the formal-sounding title. Business guru Seth Godin lays out a set of rules all “media moguls,” defined in this case as anyone who runs their own blog or social media outlets, should follow. Our favorite of Godin’s questions—”Is your work designed to stand the test of time, or is it only for right here and right now?”

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