What We’re Reading: Good Reads for Home Inspectors

* The popular location-based app, Foursquare, has opened up advertising to small businesses. Those who have been following our stories on Mississippi inspector Gary Smith know that Smith is currently using check-in apps like Facebook to establish a national name for himself. (Here’s how he’s doing that and a recent follow-up we did with Smith). For home inspectors using this strategy to get their name out, Foursquare Ads could potentially be a great way to target tech-savvy clients in your area. We’d love to hear from anyone who’s had any experience with Foursquare Ads.


* We’ve been following this Daily Herald article on the flaws of home inspection reporting systems. Naturally, we’ve been comparing our product to the criticisms the writer presents, namely that most reporting systems don’t produce results that are easily understood by the home buyer and that most home inspection software presents a steep learning curve for the inspector. We’re dedicated to making Tap Inspect the easiest to use home inspection reporting system that produces reports buyers can instantaneously understand. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing. Let us know at info@tapinspect.com.


* Can something as simple as smiling actually improve your home inspection business? According to researcher Ron Gutman, it can not only significantly boost business, but have an astounding impact on nearly every other area of your life. While we’re not typically fans of this type of thing, Gutman’s mind-blowing TED Talk is well worth the 8 minute investment:


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