What We’re Reading: Good Reads for Home Inspectors

At Tap Inspect, our media team takes in much more than we have space to feature. Here’s are the most pragmatic and interesting stories we’ve read this month.

* How to Get the Most Out of Google Adwords
Google AdWords is one of the most affordable ways to get your home inspection company’s name out there, but it’s all too easy to find your ad lost in the shuffle (trust us, we’ve been there). This article is a bit dated but still provides the best round-up of tips we’ve found so far.

* 10 Questions Before Creating Your Company’s Youtube Channel
There are a ton of stories on the dos and donts for company Youtube channels, but we love Michael Miller’s tips because you don’t need a background in computer analytics to understand them. The first step in setting up a Youtube channel? Think about why you want one in the first place.

* Become a Master Networker: 5 Quick Tips
Networking is inherently awkward which is why this three-minute video is such a godsend. Young Entrepreneur Council founder Scott Gerber’s advice is right on the money. Our favorite bit: “The more you can connect people that are likeminded and can help one another, the more you’ll be seen as a super connector…”

* 15 of the Most Creative 404 Pages
We’re including this one for no other reason than we love #13.

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