6 Things Every Home Inspection Client Should Know

Your New Home Will Have Problems

I usually start my home inspections by telling my client, “Homes are like people. We are all a little messed up.” My point is to prepare them that there will be a list of issues and that is OK.

I like to go on and tell my clients that my wife still loves me even though I have my issues and that a home is no different. Embrace it.

Almost Anything Can Be Fixed

There are a few things that terrify a client when they hear them: mold, asbestos, safety. Yes they can be scary but no scarier than a furnace that needs replacing or windows that need repairs and painting.

Let us, your humble home inspector, point you in the right direction. Almost everything can be fixed and just because it was here, does not make it a ‘bad house’.

Not Everything Will Get Fixed

Right after I tell my clients that my wife still loves me, even with my issues, I qualify that by saying, “Some things will never change and thank goodness she understands.”

No home is perfect and not everything will be fixed. Even my own home has repairs that need to be done and systems that are ready to be updated. It is just part of owning a home. Relax!

We Can not Predict the Future

I really wish we could tell you how long the roof will last or when the furnace will need to be replaced. It’s just not possible. We can give you an idea how long they normally last and what kind of condition they are in now. But no one can predict the future.

We Will Not Find Everything Wrong in The Home

We are here to find the big stuff. Things of consequence like water, safety, structure. We will not find or report on everything wrong in the home. That is just not what we are here for.

Owning and maintaining a home is a continuous process. Every year I find, and sometimes fix, things in my home that have been there since it was built.

Get Your Heart and Head in Check

It can be incredibly tough to step back from your love of the home to see it as an investment. Once you see our list of repairs and observations, it can be a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath.

Our report may include a few things that need to be done now. But it will mostly be a to do list while you own the home. Not everything needs to be done right away and a good inspector will help you understand that.

Takes things one at a time and don’t let a long list affect your love of the home.


  1. Try to have the buyers with you during the inspection. Explain that each item you inspect has a life span. There are lists that show the life expectancy of appliances have a copy for the client. I tried to explain what I was looking at and what if any signs of aging I observed. I always stated that at this stage in its life span it appears to be in good shape if appropriate. Also explain that the item is not new unless it is.

  2. I had no idea that a home inspector could let you know if your furnace needed to be replaced. I can see how important it is to find someone to help you make sure the house is safe. We are finally ready to get a house, so I wanted to look into it.

  3. When it comes to home inspections, one of the things to always keep in mind that not everything would be readily noticed, as the inspectors themselves are here for the big-ticket problems that can easily be pointed out and the smaller ones could be missed. At the same time, we cannot easily tell how long these problems would go away when repaired–it’s up to the person who owns the home to get them properly assessed so that the equipment and/or furniture would last even longer. Now that I know what to do when a home inspection comes, it’s always a good idea to listen to what they have to say so that the service wouldn’t be used in vain.

  4. That’s good to know that not everything you find in a home inspection will be fixed since that’s just how it is when you own a home. This is helpful since my husband and I are looking to buy a home, so I’m looking into inspections so we can find one in good shape. We’ll have to figure out what repairs we’re ok with working on so we can choose a home with those when we find things need to be updated.

  5. I love your simile that homes are like people, and all of them have some issues, which is okay. My husband and I are looking into buying our first home, and I never realized how much goes into a home-buying decision. We recently looked at a home that we really liked, but we noticed a few areas of concern. Knowing that there will always be a list of things to fix and to embrace it makes me feel a little better. We will have to have a professional inspect it to help us make our final decision.

  6. Getting a home properly inspected is crucial in order to have some peace of mind when buying it. You made a valuable comment when you said that no home is perfect. My friend is looking to buy a new home, so I’ll suggest he find an inspector that can ensure that his new home is in good shape.

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